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HTA-Farmingdale Tournament
September 26, 2015

Women's 1st Singles: Susan Haines (left)

Women's 2nd Singles: Debbie Catton (right)

Women's 3rd Singles: Donna Dubinsky (right)

Mixed 1st Doubles: Ellen and Tom Cooney (right)

Mixed 2nd Doubles: Monica Kulis (far left) and Neal Alexander (2nd from left)

Mixed 3rd Doubles: Debbie Kolomick (3rd from left) and David Nemiroff (far right)

Women's 1st Doubles: Maria Napoli (3rd from left) and Jean Kanzenberg (far right)

Women's 2nd Doubles: Lisa Newell (far left) and Gigi Banks (2nd from left)

Women's 2nd Doubles: Lisa Newell (left) and Gigi Banks (right)

Women's 3rd Doubles: Cyndi Leventhal (3rd from left) and June German (far right)

Men's 1st Doubles: Rich Tan (3rd from left) and Jason Hernandez (far right)

Men's 2nd Doubles: Kevin Deblasi (far left) and
Shane Lefebvre (2nd from left)

Men's 3rd Doubles: Harold German (far left) and Brett German (far right)

Men's 1st Singles: Barry Hoffman (right)

Men's 2nd Singles: Glen Moller (right)

Men's 3rd Singles: Shawn Edleman (right)

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